(Be Prepared, Be Attentive, Have a Winning Attitude, Be Safe)



Our PAWS plan is designed to encourage and reward students who are engaging in positive behavior by following school-wide and classroom expectations and routines.  Our learning environment is enhanced when everyone behaves appropriately.


Teachers in all grade levels will maintain a daily discipline chart for all students.  All students will go through a progressive discipline program.  Any student receiving any type of major discipline referral will lose the privilege of attending reward activities for that 9 weeks period. Those students who have not been referred to the office for any disciplinary reasons and have maintained a good conduct grade in the classroom will be able to participate in our end of the nine weeks “Fun Friday” event.


Students will be rewarded for positive behavior by receiving “Cougar Cash”.  This cash coupon will be given to students by staff members for exhibiting positive behavior anywhere on campus.  Students will be given opportunities to spend their “Cougar Cash” to purchase items on our “Cougar Cart” throughout the year. 


We have high expectations of our Seventh Ward students.  As a parent, you can be part of our school wide positive behavior plan by discussing with your child these expectations and by encouraging your child daily to make good choices and to always do their best.



Be Prepared, Be Attentive, Have a Winning Attitude, and Be Safe



1.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

2.  Be respectful and courteous to teachers and classmates.

3.  Respect school property and the property of others.

4.  Have all materials ready for class.

5. Line up in designated areas quietly before school and at the end of 

      recess, lunch, etc...



First Offense:  Redirection

Second Offense: Verbal Warning

Third Offense:   Calendar Color change/or mark

Fourth Offense: Lunch Detention/Loss of center time for KN/Pre-K

Fifth Offense:  1 Recess Detention (See next page for detailed

recess detention rules.)

Sixth Offense:  Teachers will call the parents.

Seventh Offense:  Student will be sent to the office. (Parents notified)

Eight Offense:  After-school detention or suspension from

school (to be determined by the administrator)

Severity Clause:  Immediate office referral (consequence determined

by the administrator)



Those students who have not been referred to the office for any disciplinary reasons (for school or bus behavior) and have maintained a good conduct grade in the classroom will participate in our end-of-the-nine-weeks “Good Behavior Fun Friday Event” along with being eligible for various prizes throughout the year.

Consequences for Student Infractions


Students will always be given a warning before a recess detention is assigned.  After ten detentions (recess and/or lunch) within a nine weeks grading period, students will be assigned an after school detention.  Parents will receive a warning letter informing them when their child has reached his/her 5th recess detention and is half-way to receiving an after school detention.  Students receive detention when classroom rules, school rules, and/or  bus rules are broken and a warning has been given.  Any student unable or unwilling to serve an after-school detention will receive a day of suspension. 


On the 5th recess/lunch detention a warning will be sent home. When the student reaches 7 they will call home.


All formal detention tracking will start over each nine weeks.


*After-school detention will be held at school from 2:45-3:45 p.m. on designated afternoons.  Parents must provide transportation for students to be picked up.  Failure to attend may result in suspension.  Parents will be notified by letter that their child has after-school detention on a designated day. Before school detentions may also be used. They will be from 6:40-7:40 a.m.



Note: If the infraction is severe, the principal has the authority to assign immediate after-school detention or a suspension.