A student must be in attendance at least 167 days of the 177 school days  to be eligible for promotion.  Over 10 absences not covered with a doctor’s excuse or extenuating circumstances may result in failure, regardless of the student’s grades. 

Absences are considered excused only with a written, dated, and signed notice from a doctor.                                                               



Students are expected to be at school on time.  They will be considered tardy if they arrive at school after 7:45 a.m.  Students must be signed in by a parent or responsible adult if they arrive at school after 7:45  and there is no longer a duty teacher present.  Recess detention will be assigned on the 5th and 6th tardy.  After-school detention will be assigned on the 7th and 8th tardy.  A 1 day suspension will be assigned following the 8th tardy per semester. 



In order to check out a student, you must present a picture ID and you must be listed on the child’s emergency card.  More than 90 minutes of check-out time for the year prevents the student from accomplishing perfect attendance.  We ask that all check-outs be made before 2:15 p.m. to clear our parking lot for the buses to arrive.