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24495 LA Hwy 16
Denham Springs, LA 70726

Phone: 225-665-5815
Fax: 225-665-7280
Cafeteria: 225-664-7449

Principal: Stacey Milton

Beginning Time: 7:45
Ending Time: 2:37


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Prices:  Lunch $1.75 (full pay) or $0.40 (reduced) and Breakfast $1.00 (full pay) or $0.30 (reduced).  Students must have money in their account or bring money to eat breakfast.  Breakfast can not be charged.  To make a payment online, please visit  

 If your child receives free or reduced lunch, this also means that they receive free or reduced breakfast. 

At breakfast we will be selling chocolate oatmeal bars for .50 to students who eat a school breakfast.

 Monday, Oct. 27th

Breakfast – Waffles with Canadian bacon or fruit parfait (student choice), juice, boxed raisins and milk

Lunch – Pizza, steamed corn, spinach salad, peaches, jello and milk

*Fruit & yogurt parfait $1.00 – student must receive school meal to purchase*

Tuesday, Oct. 28th

Breakfast – Grilled cheese or fruit parfait (student choice), juice, peaches and milk

Lunch – Shrimp poppers, mac & cheese, green beans, pickle, apple, cinnamon bread stick and milk


Wednesday, Oct. 29th

Breakfast – Biscuit with egg frittata or fruit parfait (student choice), juice, fruit cocktail and milk

Lunch – Chicken parmesan pasta, steamed broccoli, garden salad, pear halves, garlic bread stick and milk


Thursday, Oct. 30th

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, toast & grits or fruit parfait (student choice), juice, banana and milk

Lunch – Meatball sub, cheese cup, fries, peas, orange wedges and milk


Friday, Oct. 31st

Breakfast – Breakfast pizza or cereal (student choice), juice, fruit and milk

Lunch – Chicken nuggets, bbq sauce, mashed potatoes, baked beans, fruit cocktail, cereal cup treat and milk

*cookie cone .50 - must receive school meal to purchase*


Monday, Nov. 3rd

Breakfast – Biscuit with grits or cereal (student choice), boxed raisins, juice and milk

Lunch – Red beans and rice, vegetable medley, spinach salad, roll, orange wedges and milk

Tuesday, Nov. 4th - No School – Election Day


We sell additional items daily in the cafeteria: extra milk is .35, bottled water is .50, and  boxed juice is  .60.  Every Friday we will be selling cookie cones for .50.  Students must receive a school meal to purchase the ice cream.  Students need money in their account or money in their hand to purchase additional items.

If you do not wish for your child to purchase items using their account money, please send a note to school for the cafeteria or give us a call 664-7449.

 We are encouraging parents to apply for free or reduced meal benefits online at  because it is processed within 24 hours rather than up to 2 weeks processing time for paper applications.   Parents are responsible for any charges accumulated during the processing time of the application.


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  The bell rings at 7:45 a.m.            Red Ribbon Week this week (see below for daily dress specials)          After school tutoring: Monday 3rd & 5th Math; Tuesday 1st & 2nd ELA and 4th Math; Wednesday 1st & 2nd Math and 3rd, 4th & 5th ELA             Volleyball practice Monday until 3:45                Volleyball game vs. Juban Parc on Tuesday - HOME               PrePay for Smoothies Monday-Thursday. Smoothies on Friday               Cougar Cart on Friday           Veteran's Day pics and RSVPs are DUE Monday



Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate for life so that each child acquires the knowledge and skills to succeed in school and beyond.

Mascot:  Cougar

Colors:  Red & White


  The Livingston Parish School Board would like to provide information regarding the Ebola and Enterovirus D68 virus.

For more information, please go to the LPPS website and click on the CDC Link or proceed to the following links:



We will be celebrating our school's 100th birthday in February.  We are asking our community for any old pictures they may have of Seventh Ward.  Photos may be sent in a labeled envelop to be scanned and returned OR they may be emailed to Stacey Milton ( or Laura Dunlap (  Thanks!


We collect all Boxtops, Campbells labels, and Community Coffee labels.  Our school earns lots of money when you simply cut out and turn in those labels!  Please go the the Parents link, then select "Support SWES" to find out more.


This year we will be taking pre-paid orders for smoothies.  We generally have smoothies the last Friday of the month.  We will begin collecting $3 from students on the Monday during smoothie week.  We will take pre-paid orders through Thursday and submit that count to Smoothie King.  Any student who forgets to pre-pay and brings $3 on Friday (smoothie day), will have to wait until all pre-paid students receive their smoothie before being able to buy one. Pre-orders for this month begin Monday, Oct. 27 - Thurs., Oct. 30.  Smoothie Day is Fri., Oct. 31st. 

PTO Meeting

Our next PTO meeting is Nov. 6 @ 8:00 a.m. in the cafeteria.  All parents are invited.  


                         Oct. 20-24                                              Oct. 27-31

First Grade:        Celia Cecchini                                 Gabe McCormick

Second Grade:   Anelise Wickwire                             Aiden Jackson 

Third Grade:       Morgan Duncan                              Baylee Scott

Fourth Grade:     Cayden Sloan                                 William Seeger

Fifth Grade:         Ramon Blakes                                Kelsey Lott


Parents will be receiving information this week about "Remind 101", a texting service that our grade level parent representatives will be using to send you texts about upcoming events specific to your child's grade, as well as upcoming school events.  The text will come from a computer-generated phone number that you will not be able to respond to.  Also, your number will not be seen by anyone.  We are hoping that this method may reach more parents when we need your assistance.  Please take less than 5 minutes to sign up when you receive the letter this week.  Thanks!


We are currently accepting pictures of family members who are U.S. Veterans for our Veteran's Day slideshow.  You may email photos in a .jpg format to Mrs. McElroy at  Pictures that can't be emailed should be sent in a labeled envelope so they can be scanned and returned.  The last day to turn in pictures for our Veteran's Day slideshow is Oct. 27th. 



Mon., Oct. 27 - After school tutoring until 3:30 (3rd & 5th Math); Volleyball practice until 3:45; Veterans pictures and Vet's Day RSVP are DUE; Prepay for smoothies $3 begins; "These Paws Don't Touch Drugs" wear a 7th Ward shirt w/ uniform bottoms

Tues., Oct. 28 - After school tutoring until 3:30 (1st & 2nd ELA / 4th Math); Volleyball game vs. Juban Parc HOME; "Team Up Against Drugs" wear a team jersey w/ uniform bottoms

Wed., Oct. 29 -After school tutoring until 3:30 (1st & 2nd Math / 3rd, 4th & 5th ELA); "I'm too Bright for Drugs" wear bright colored shirt w/ uniform bottoms

Thurs., Oct. 30 - "Don't Let Drugs Mix Your Life Up" wear mix matched school appropriate clothes

Fri., Oct. 31 - "Don't Let Drugs Scare You" wear a Halloween or orange/black shirt w/ uniform bottoms; Cougar Cart (you may also choose to wear a 7th Ward shirt w/ uniform bottoms) and/or you may add blue jean bottoms for $1 and/or Halloween socks for $1 (donations to DSHS J.A.D.D. Club)



Mon., Nov. 3- After school tutoring until 3:30 (3rd & 5th Math); 1st grade field trip

Tues., Nov. 4 - ELECTION DAY (School Holiday)

Wed., Nov. 5 -After school tutoring until 3:30 (1st & 2nd Math / 3rd, 4th & 5th ELA);

Thurs. Nov. 6- PTO meeting @ 8:00 a.m. in cafeteria; Parent Writing Workshop @ Family Resource Center 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Fri., Nov. 7 - PTO popsicles (50 cents)


Birth Certificate

Social Security Card

Shot Records

2 Utility Bills to serve as proof of residence

Report card from previous school if applicable

Driver's License of parent/guardian 

Call or email to reserve your spot!

 667-1098 or

Digging Deep into Writing
Focus: Grades 3-5
Excavating  our way through the Writing Process
Date:  November 6, 2014
Time: 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
Literacy and Technology Center
9261 Florida Blvd.
Walker, LA 70785
Presenters: Tammy Kuhn and Tonya Newsom


  Pound the Pavement for Pilot

Saturday, November 15th

$25 early registration fee before November 7th
with event shirt guaranteed
(Registration fee $30 after November 7th)
Race day registration starts @ 7 am

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Pre-Pay for smoothies Monday-Thursday

Mon., Oct. 27 -  After school tutoring (3rd & 5th grade math); Students may wear a 7th Ward shirt w/ uniform bottoms; Volleyball practice until 3:45/ Veteran's Day pics and RSVPs are due

Tues., Oct. 28 - After school tutoring (1st & 2nd ELA / 4th math); Students may wear a team jersey w/ uniform bottoms; HOME Volleyball game vs. Juban Parc

Wed., Oct. 29 - After school tutoring (1st & 2nd Math / 3rd, 4th & 5th ELA); Students may wear a bright colored shirt w/ uniform bottoms

Thurs., Oct. 30 -  Students may wear mix/matched clothes; Last day to pre-pay for smoothies

Fri., Oct. 31 - Cougar Cart; Students may wear a 7th Ward shirt OR a Halloween shirt w/ uniform bottoms and/or jeans $1 and/or Halloween socks for $1 (donations to DSHS J.A.D.D. Club); Smoothies



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